8 ways to help patients “choking on food – food stuck in the throat” is correct

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8 ways to help patients “choking on food – food stuck in the throat” is correct

Why are “elderly people” more at risk of “food stuck in the throat” than other ages?

Actually, the problem of choking Or food stuck in the throat can happen to all ages at UFABET. But most of the time it happens to be children. and the elderly Small children may because the size of the food is too large and accidentally swallow it, causing choking. or addicted to play until swallowing food at the wrong time but for older adults There is a risk of choking on food. or food stuck in the throat. Because it is an age. Where the saliva in the mouth is less causing food to easily become stuck in the throat when swallowing

how to help patients choking on food – food stuck in the throat

  1. If the patient begins to show signs of suffering can’t make sound Try hitting your back straight between your shoulders 5 times first, with moderate force. If the food doesn’t go down too deep may come out through the mouth
  2. If the food still doesn’t come out enter the back of the patient wrap the patient from the back
  3. put your hands together pressed to the chest Lift the patient slightly and shake to make him aspirate.
  4. All of this should be done within 3-5 minutes of showing symptoms. because it can be life-threatening
  5. If the patient is unable to breathe or speak, place the patient supine on the floor. open airway Raise the tip of the chin and press the forehead down with the other hand. Blow out your mouth to help you breathe. 
  6. If you try to blow your mouth and your chest doesn’t lift up Use your hands to press on your stomach in the supine position 6-10 times.
  7. If it’s a small child, use the method of slapping between the shoulder blades on both sides, alternating with chest compressions. and keep checking the oral cavity If you see a foreign body, use your fingers to hook it out.
  8. If the patient is still conscious, able to speak and breathe normally but still feel that there is food stuck in the throat Immediately take him to see a doctor.

How to prevent food choking – food stuck in the throat

  1. sit up straight while eating And after eating, don’t go to bed immediately.
  2. Eat food slowly, chew it thoroughly.
  3. Don’t eat when you’re tired or in a hurry. Should take a break 30 minutes before
  4. The food you eat should be divided into small pieces or bite-sized pieces, not too big.
  5. Minimize distractions while eating, such as talking, walking.
  6. Eat one type of food per bite. Foods that contain a variety of meats in one bite are easy to choke.
  7. Food should be alternated, such as chewing food. alternate with liquid food
  8. Don’t eat too dry food. There should be sauce or broth to make the meat more moist and tender.