‘Arsenal’ launches a black away shirt with intense silver sparkles

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Arsenal have officially launched a new away shirt for the 2022-2023 season in celebration of Little Isliston residents in the United States and elsewhere around the world

. Black with metallic silver pattern together with the letters and the golden bronze emblem Adding to the distinctiveness of this shirt, the

partisan “guns” will wear the shirt for the first time in the game against Orlando City on Wednesday, July 20, during the pre-season.

The design passion connects people in the Islington community. Which is the location of the club that migrates to all over the world. and brought their own local culture with them everywhere It states that “Little Islington” in the United States has more than a million fans of the club. The UFABET report

The opening video also features Aston Mac, founder of the Orlando Freedom Fighters in July 2020, with Aston attending the Black Lives Matter protests and wearing an Arsenal shirt. by after He revealed that That shirt gave him strength and pride. He said no one talked about his skin color or race with him when he wore the shirt.

“I’m proud of Arsenal. has released our shirts that are meaningful to people like me It’s more than a shirt It represents the home and family. It doesn’t matter where we come from. Or where do we live?” Aston once said.