Revealing the gun secretly squints at “Sane” before choosing to hunt Rafinha

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Arsenal are reportedly interested in Bayern Munich winger Leroy Sane before turning to focus on the

signing of Rafinha. Got Rafinha as well as league teams such as Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur,

but Rafinha chose to say goodbye to Leeds United to join Barcelona when a few days ago Which is the epic end of the Brazilian footballer who has turned and turned many times. It is

believed that the “guns” still want to draw the edge of the line to strengthen the army this summer. While Red winger Marquinhos could be loaned out next season,

The Spaniard’s Manchester City connections have already been utilis this summer, tempting Gabriel Jesus to north London on a permanent transfer. Fabio Vieira, Matt Turner and Marquinhos have all also arrived but there is likely to be more to come before the window closes.

Raphinha had been a top target for the Gunners but after the former Leeds winger signed for Barcelona this week, and they may revert their attentions to the Bayern Munich ace they apparently considered at the start of the summer.

Ben Jacob revealed Arsenal had be interested in Sane. Before they turned their attention to Rafin. Ya

“Moving into La Liga looks more likely. I heard nothing from the Chelsea side. But from the Arsenal side that this was the name they considered early on in the transfer market. But then they turned their attention to Rafinha,” he told The UFABET

, previously reported that Sane had been offered to Real Madrid. It is estimated to cost around £59 million.