English Premier League battle  Last night there were 6 matches played, with big teams

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English Premier League battle  Last night there were 6 matches played, with big teams.

Everton 0-1 Fulham

(Bobbie Reed 73)

At Goodison Park, the hosts focused on defensive packs, allowing the visitors to open up their attacking game, where Sean Dyche’s team found more chances to finish but couldn’t shut them down. Until the 73rd minute, the visitors to the park returned quickly, English Premier League Andres Pereira fell into the penalty area before the sign to the second post for Bobby Reed to charge openly as the goal for Fulham to successfully collect 3 points.

Sheffield United 0-1 Crystal Palace.

(Eduard 49)

At Bramall Lane, freshman Sheffield United came to focus on defending while Palace opened the game to attack. Which the visiting team is clearly better, both in possession of the ball and having the opportunity to do it However, the only goal that occurred in this game was for the Eagles from Odson Eduard in the 49th minute, helping the team win back to victory in the opening game.

Newcastle 5-1 Aston Villa

(Tonali 6, Isaac 16, Wilson 58 77, Barnes 90+1 / Diaby 11)

Ending at St. James’ Park, the game started quite evenly, with the home team taking the lead quickly from Sandro Tonali in the 6th minute. 16 Alexander Isak came to shoot for the home team to take the lead again. That made the visitors try to speed up the game until there were frequent mistakes in the defensive game until the second half, Salika Dong added 3 more goals from the same Isak in the 58th minute and two reserves Callum Wilson minutes At 77 and Harvey Barnes in the 90th minute + 1, the start of 3 points was elegant with a 5-1 Villa collapse. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet