Napoli footballer Osimhen is being taken care of too much.

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Many Napoli players are dissatisfied with the football club’s treatment of Victor Osimhen, more than others out of face

Napoli have had a disappointing performance this season.Ranking 9th in the standings and collecting only 36 points from 24 matches. Despite their status as the former champions of the program ทางเข้า UFABET 

Most recently, Corriere Della Sera came out to add fuel to the Napoli team. After reporting that the atmosphere in the club’s dressing room was heating up. Because many people were dissatisfied with the famous Neapolitan team treating Osimhen better than anyone else other. 

In the past, Osimhen has been angry at the club many times over the contract renewal that has not progressed. Including dissatisfaction with the social media team for posting parody content until it became a big story.

Yet Napoli are very supportive of the Nigerian striker. In addition, he gave his body time to rest despite returning to the club since last week.

Even Napoli stated that Osimhen has a physical problem. But Italian media say several players are unhappy with the way the club has treated the 25-year-old striker.

The matter has been compared to the case of Eljiev Elmas, who was ordered to train separately after a player requested a transfer and Piotr Zelinski. Who was dropped after secretly agreeing to a deal Inter Milan.

But in Osimhen’s case, he was treated like a darling, causing many players to be dissatisfied with the club’s attitude. Which has never seriously punished the Nigerian striker.