Prast claims referees should be able to be challenged as well.

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Abdon Prast, Mallorca’s 31-year-old striker has called for the rights of football players or clubs to challenge the referee. If they consider the decision to be unreasonable.

Mallorca striker Abdon Prast has demanded that players or clubs can challenge referees as well. After they viewed that Pablo Gonzalez Fuertes made a mistake by kicking Antonio Raiyo. The island captain’s defender, off the field before the first half of the game’s loss to Real Madrid. Sociedad 1-2 from the reveal against Cadena Ser on Monday ทางเข้า UFABET 

Raiyo was booked for a foul on Real Sociedad’s Nigerian striker, Umar Sadiq. In the 45+4 minute before he applauded the referee, causing Pablo Gonzalez to… Fuertes was handed a second yellow card and chased the 32-year-old defender off the field just before the first break. 

‘We have to dedicate ourselves to what we do. The topic of blue leaves is being raised. Maybe they should invent it for the referees. But wait a minute. We must dedicate ourselves to playing. The fans are proud of us and we are proud of ourselves,’ Prats said.

The 31-year-old striker also said more about the referee. ‘We all know Antonio. He lives football to the fullest and Mallorca is no exception. He saw that he should not have received a yellow card. When he had not touched Sadiq and you saw that he made that gesture towards Pabol without aggressive intent It’s no big deal with two minutes left before halftime.’