van Dijk insists that the Swan Spear must be more brutal than this.

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Virgil van Dijk, captain of Liverpool Call for the team’s offensive line to be more decisive. After a disappointing performance in a draw with Luton Town and a loss to Toulouse in the last two matches, the

“Reds” are preparing to deal with Brentford, who are in hot form in the game at Anfield. This Sunday night, Van Dijk hopes the team will finish more sharply than before.

The Dutch center revealed: “Of course there is room for development. Both in terms of individuals and for teams. But this is very normal. Especially with so many changes in the summer. “ ทางเข้า

What we showed more than anything else is that we are all united. It has not been easy. And there are games that may be easy but slip away from our hands. But more than that We have to find a way to get good results. And this is something we will continue to build on. “

We definitely need to be more brutal with the rhythm we’ve created. There are some good things that you want to maintain. And some parts do not meet the standards. “

So we will have to continue working. Let’s continue to look for ways to develop, which is important. And try to do the best that I can for this club.”