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Fan Tan Recipe and Fan Tan Technique making money Playing bean snatching is like taking an exam. There are 4 questions, that is, 1 2 3 4, by dividing the result of the dice score by 4 by. The bean scramble that has ever been seen. Will use the color instead of the number 1 will use white instead 2 will use green 3 will use yellow and 4. Will use red where the dealer will place 10 chips per color, total 40 coins, the chip price is 500, 1000, 5,000, 10,000 baht. ทางเข้า UFABET

The way to play is to pick up the one you think will not come out. If you pick up a white chip Then shake the dice and turn red. You can exchange that chip immediately, but if it’s white, you pay 3 times the amount plus the chip you picked up, and there’s a payout that depends on the table. If you pick up the green It is forbidden to take the dao out 6 10 14 18 You pick up the yellow dao 3 7 11 15 you pick up the red dao 4 8 12 16 I’ve heard that lucky people can’t pick it up 5000 10000 hours at a time. one million rich

Playing bean snatching must not be afraid. The more afraid, the color that is picked is often hit.

Fantan online

How to play to help earn money Must be played with a combination of 2 numbers, that is, 2-3 mergers that allow you to bet like this because from the statistics of Fantan game data collection Most often, 2 and 3 are drawn, rather than 1 and 4. From the example image of Fantan 1. The game has already been issue, a total of 35 eyes, 2 and 3, totaling 20 eyes, more than half. If stabbing 2-3, 200 each from the beginning will profit 950 baht

Fantan, the formula to win money continuously. Call it a unique special technique. Just place a bet on 2 numbers only. There will be one number exactly as you bet. For bets with Fan Tan This formula allows you to bet at odds of 1 to 0.95. This formula allows you to choose in the pattern of each pair of numbers: 1 and 2 , 1 and 3, 1 and 4 , 2 and 3, 2 and 4 , 3 and 4 by allowing you to choose each pair of numbers to bet as you like. This will have a greater chance of winning than betting on a single number.

Fan bean formula x1

The fact that we choose to bet on Fan Tan number two numbers is considered to be a way to play Fan Tan. Cuck Formula. You will get 1 to 2.85 odds, giving you more chances to get bets. For example, bet number 1 at 1000 baht and bet number 2 at 1000 baht, or choose a 3-digit bet and add the odds to bet 3 at 1000 baht. A 3-digit bet will have numbers for you to choose to bet on. The 3 combinations are 1,2,3 1,2,4 1,3,4 and 2,3,4 if you bet correctly. The winning rate is 3950, which is a rather interesting bet for using this formula.

Fan bean formula x2

As for Fan Tan, other formulas for playing in Fan Tan online gambling There are both bets on two numbers. Three number bets and single number bets And but the players will bet on how to play however Let us choose to bet on the score that comes out the most often. There is a chance to earn more money than the seldom figured out. However, check the latest score. and make bets immediately For example, before betting on 1 eye, look at what the score is out of, something out of 3 eyes, continue to bet 3, and continue to bet 3 until the score changes. If the score changes to 4, then continue to bet on 4 until the score changes as before.