Playing Po Pean or Fan Tan

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Fan Tan It was originally a Chinese gambling from China. How to bet and use money, like poker and spin, there are some differences, but playing equipment and playing methods
Equipment used for playing, nuts, chips, tamarind seeds. buttons, beads, or other similar items in the amount of 120 – 300 beads. And a kite frame or a long wooden stick or a panel drawn up instead as a mark for placing bets, สมัคร UFABET

how to play

The organizer of the play will collect a reasonable amount of nuts or other bets in front of him. (Enough enough to allow players to shift incorrectly). And then allow players to stab according to various methods until complete, so they explain in front. Of the players 4 tablets at a time until the last pile is considered as a decision. For example, the last division is 1, it is considered that the goal is 1,
etc. Tang Po Kam, Or Fan Tan Spin and Bean have 8 types of playing methods:

  1. General stab Just like stabbing But the dealer pays 1 – 2 times.
  2. Taang-Oh is a bet aiming at only one goal, losing 3 goals.
  3. Liam stab or square stab is a stab over a line. by stabbing at one door, but in case of surviving another
  4. Tang Meng is a stab aiming at a single goal. in case of surviving left and right) 2 goals allowed to lose at the opposite door
  5. To stab the floor, pole or sell, similar to Tang Meng. It is wrong to allow the dealer to eat only one goal from the right or left.
  6. Tangkak is a bet in case of 2 goals correct and 2 goals in case of loss.
  7. Tapping a punt is similar to a punt. That is, in case of 2 goals and 2 goals in case of a loss.
  8. Betting on tickets, similar to betting on Liam, Meng and polar) is wrong, but betting on tickets, customers have the advantage of being able to bet 2 times correctly, losing 1 times more to 2 goals, which is where the money is placed on the right door Opposite each other and both sides are broken